Know What You Need to Eat

Women are born with two eyes, one tongue and often SEE twice as much as they need to EAT.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could close one eye to the vast quantities and overwhelming varieties of food around us?  I think it would be easier to focus on our healthy eating plan.

A recent article (Clancy Strock, Reminisce Magazine May/June 2004) stated that in 1930, you had maybe 6-8 choices of cooked and cold cereal.  Now, a common American grocery store has 270 (90 yards) of 8 feet tall  shelves lined top to bottom with cereal alone.

We cannot go back in time, either in the history of food production or with what the scale is telling us.  But we can close one eye (to over-sized portions/junk food) while  leaving  the other open to see the healthy choices that are just as visible when we want to acknowledge their presence.

There’s always a choice!  An eye closed to too much/too many foods is an eye open to exciting self-improvements.

Here’s winking at you!


Author: iazeemkafridi

Azeem Afridi is a blogger who blogs at different platforms and websites. His passion is blogging, marketing, and designing.

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