The choice to take the flip side of the coin by turning dandelions into roses and enemies into friends

I wished I’d had a camera, but sometimes the best camera of all is the one right in your heart.

May I share?  As I left the church after several hours indoors yesterday, I was welcomed by a sun-drenched afternoon.  The church yard ( impossibly green and lush with new grass flourishing after several days of rain) sloped to a tiny meadow that had been generously  kissed with newly-opened golden dandelions.  Two tiny girls, no more than 4 or 5 years old, were quietly kneeling there making  bouquets.  Their mother, engrossed in a book, was at the top of the gentle slope.  More than a Kodak moment, this was a bit of heaven to peek in on.

Quick as a camera lens snapping, the picture changed as the older of the two ran to her mother with the bouquet in her outstretched arms.  Knowing how I love to read — and hate to be interrrupted — I watched to see this mother’s response.

With a smile of joy, this lovely woman put down her book, reached for the bouquet of weeds as if they were long-stemmed roses, then smelled them as if they were exquisite perfume.  The child curled up in her mother’s lap and the two of them shared a tiny, magic moment.  A camera would have spoiled it all.

“Weeds never die,” a German proverb says.  So it is with dandelions, and so it is with managing our health and weight. Extra pounds are often viewed as enemies. On the flip side of the coin, the acceptance of things as they are and then the brave loss of each pound (one at a time) may open the door to health and self-understanding that become the best friends we’ll ever have.

Thanks, President Lincoln.  I’m going to put a shiny Abe Lincoln penny on my kitchen window sill to remind me of my ever-present true Kodak moment.  And what is that moment?  The choice to take the flip side of the coin by turning dandelions into roses and enemies into friends.


Author: iazeemkafridi

Azeem Afridi is a blogger who blogs at different platforms and websites. His passion is blogging, marketing, and designing.

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