What You’ll Weigh a Year from Now?

April 15! Tax Day in the United States of America. It is as indelibly printed on the calendar of our minds as December 25 (Christmas) or February 14 (Valentine’s). It sneaks up in just the same way, too.

When Spencer (now a 6 foot 16 year old) was a little guy, we went on a car errand on April 15. Traffic gridlocked two blocks from — you guessed it — the post office.

“What’s going on?” he asked, looking for something exciting.

I explained as best as I could. When I got to the part about the deadline, he looked at me in wonder and said,

“Didn’t they know before today?”

Well said, Spencer! While no one is going to ask you to officially pay your body for giving you life each day, it’s something to think about.

Amazing what we can come up when a deadline looms, isn’t it? Just a thought — ask yourself what you’ll weigh a year from now, April 15, 2005. It’s already on your calendar.


Author: iazeemkafridi

Azeem Afridi is a blogger who blogs at different platforms and websites. His passion is blogging, marketing, and designing.

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